Estate Planning

Estate planning isn’t about “how much” you have, it’s about what’s important to you. It’s about planning for your life as well as for your death.  Our experienced estate planning attorneys understand how personal your decisions are.

We provide guidance and counseling to those who want the most basic estate plan, like our Simple Will Service, as well as those facing complex situations such as blended families, businesses or farms, children with special needs, and everyone in between. We are ready to listen to your goals, hopes, fears and dreams, and help you design a plan to protect what’s important to you.

Your “Estate” isn’t just your “stuff” – it’s really your legacy. Our Family Heritage Planning is a comprehensive Trust-based planning that can help you leave a legacy of love and values as well your wealth.

Did you know that everyone over the age of 18 has to have a Power of Attorney for Healthcare, a Living Will, and a Power of Attorney for Property? We call these documents What Everybody Needs. In addition to completing your own estate plan, it’s important to encourage your loved ones to do the same for themselves.

Definition of Estate Planning

I Want to Control My Property While I’m Alive and Well;
Plan for Me and My Loved Ones if I Become Disabled; and
Provide for My Loved Ones After I’m Gone.

Give What I Have

To Whom I Want

When I Want

The Way I Want

All with fully disclosed and controlled costs, both to me and those I love.

To take that first important step, or to review your current estate plan: Call us at 217-465-1234 (Illinois) or at 812-234-2777 (Indiana).

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