Attending one of our free workshops, presented by one of our attorneys, is the best first step for you to explore planning options.  All workshops are free, informal, and we leave plenty of time for questions. Attendance to one of our workshops entitles you to a free 1 hour consultation with one of our attorneys!

Reservations to our workshops are necessary. Please call our Terre Haute, Indiana office at 812.234.2777 or our Paris, Illinois office at 217.465.1234 to reserve a seat!

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  • An Overview of the VA Service Pension: What Every Veteran Needs to Know About the Aid and Attendance Benefit

    We look forward to presenting this program for your group or organization. Please contact our office for details.

    An explanation of the VA Aid and Attendance Program, its eligibility requirements, and the application process.  2 hour workshop

    The VA Aid and Attendance Program was created to provide financial assistance to veterans and their spouses who qualify. It is estimated that only 5% of eligible veterans are receiving this benefit, which  can be used for care both in and out of the home. This workshop is designed to help those who have served and their families through some of the intricacies of the VA Aid and Attendance Program.

    Who should attend:

    • Veterans and their family members who:
      • were discharged other than dishonorably
      • served at least one day during the following conflicts: World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, or the Gulf War, and
      • had 90 days of continuous military service (for veterans entering the service before September 7, 1980).
    • Veterans and their spouses who require assistance with their daily activities.
    • Veterans and their spouses who have unreimbursed medical expenses.
  • Estate Planning for Farm and Business Owners

    A guide to using estate planning tools such as wills and trusts to protect both business and personal interests for future generations. 2 hour workshop.

    Today’s small business owner has a wealth of concerns, and we have observed that many overlook the importance of their estate plan. As an office that helps families plan for both the future they will see and the future they will not, we feel it is important that your business and estate plans be focused on the same goals. During this workshop, our attorneys discuss various strategies for business structure as well as wills and trusts so that you have a clearer picture of how to accomplish those goals.

  • Legal Problems of Aging Parents

    Information for Seniors and the people who assist them. 2 Hour Workshop

    As people age, it becomes more important than ever to plan for the possibility of becoming physically or mentally disabled. Prior to disability, seniors often seek assistance from loved ones or professionals when they need help with tasks such as transportation, household shopping and upkeep, managing medication, or handling financial matters. As these needs become greater and the reliance on caregivers increases, legal questions and challenges invariably present themselves. It is critical that these concerns be addressed before the level of reliance reaches the point of disability, when options become very limited. This short, but informative, presentation identifies some of the legal questions and challenges our professionals frequently see, and provides attendees with information about what we believe are the top ten things seniors and their caregivers need to know.

    Who should attend:

    • Those who have questions about powers of attorney for healthcare or powers of attorney for property.
    • Caregivers assisting a loved one with daily needs.
    • Children of parents with declining health.
    • Seniors and their family members who want to plan in advance of needing long-term care.
    • Those who are about to make the transition to assisted living or have a family member moving to a nursing home and are concerned about the cost of care.
    • Those residing in an assisted living facility, or with a loved one in a nursing home, who want to find out more about protecting their assets and becoming eligible for benefits.
  • Plain Talk About Wills & Trusts

    Some basics about Wills & Trust.  2  hour workshop.

    Many people are so intimidated by the thought of creating Wills or Trusts that they quit before they even begin. This workshop will give you an overview of how Wills and Trusts can be used in a language you can understand.

    Who Should Attend:
    • Those who don’t have a Will or Powers of Attorney.
    • Those who have a Will or Trust that they do not understand, or that does not reflect their wishes or current situation.
    • Those who just don’t know where to start.
    • Those who are curious and want to learn more about Wills & Trusts
  • Protecting The Family Farm For Future Generations

    Learn tips and techniques to help keep the family farm intact.  2  hour workshop

    Your farm isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life and perhaps your family’s legacy.  You’ve decided when to plant, when to harvest and when to sell your crops.  Now learn how to protect yourself and your farm through good planning!

  • Protecting Your Assets From Nursing Home Costs

    Learn about the rules of Medicaid eligibility.  2  hour workshop.

    This workshop provides information to those who want to protect what they have from the high cost of nursing home or assisted living care.

    Who Should Attend:
    • Those who want to plan in advance of needing long term care.
    • Those who are about to make the transition to assisted living or a nursing home and are concerned about the monthly cost of care.
    • Those who already reside in an assisted living facility who want to find out more about protecting their assets and becoming eligible for benefits.
  • Special People ~ Special Planning

    We are happy to present this seminar for your group or organization. Please contact our office for details.

    This workshop provides Estate Planning information for parents and caregivers of people who are mentally or physically disabled. Topics include:

    • Wills and Trusts (including Special Needs Trusts), for both the parents and child
    • Advance directives (Powers of Attorney, Living Will, etc.)
    • Guardianship
    • Planning strategies to provide for the individual without disqualifying them from government assistance
  • THE IRS ASSAULT ON FAMILY BUSINESS & FARMS – The New Rules Against Discounted Family Ownership Interests

    A discussion of IRS 2704, its implications, and the impact on family-owned business and farms. 2 Hour Workshop
    On August 4, 2016, the U.S. Treasury Department issued proposed regulations under Internal Revenue Code Section 2704 that, when finalized, may substantially increase your wealth transfer taxes by blocking a common estate planning strategy. Essentially, it means that for people with an interest in a family farm or business, the ability to reduce estate tax valuation of the business interests will be significantly impaired. This means more families will pay more estate taxes.
    The IRS has been working on these rules for years. Every informed commentator we’ve heard from says that something close to these proposals will be put in place, as early as January 1, 2017, and in any event, not much after that date. Congressional action is not likely and court challenges will take years to unravel. SO WE BELIEVE THIS IS A REAL ISSUE for many of our clients.
  • What Do I Do Now? When Your Loved One Dies Or Becomes Disabled

    Some basics about what to do when a loved one dies or becomes disabled.               2  hour workshop.

    Most people have little or no experience settling an estate or helping manage the affairs of a loved one with failing health.  Sometimes, well-meaning friends and relatives give outdated or misleading information, therefore it’s best to receive the advice of your chosen attorney before coming to any conclusions about what should be done.  This seminar will educate you about what to do when facing these difficult situations.

    Who Should Attend:
    • Those who are helpers of a disabled person.
    • Those who want to learn more about what to do after the death of a loved one.
    • Chilren of parents with failing health.
    • Those who are curious and want to learn more about what to do after the death or disability of a loved one.