Around the Offices: March 23, 2016

We know that some of our clients are impacted by the Sygenta lawsuit and its related issues. In an effort to keep you as up to date as possible, here’s an article we received from colleagues:

Sygenta, Billions At Stake

Dave would like to point out that, “no matter what anyone says, this litigation is a long way from being a ‘slam dunk’.  The facts are complicated (who has the burden of proving commingling of grain or the lack of it, whether commingling or contamination actually took place, etc.) and the legal issues related to the responsibility of Sygenta and others for consequences triggered, at least in part, by the action of a Sovereign nation are subject to limited precedent (statutes and prior binding or even analogous legal rulings), if any.   It is impossible to predict how this will turn out.” If you’d like to talk with him further, you can contact Dave in our Paris office.

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