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Dave Frisse to speak at NBI Trusts 101 seminar

Dave will be speaking at Trusts 101 at the Hawthorn Suites in Champaign, IL on June 26, 2018. About the National Business Institute A trusted provider of continuing legal education and training since 1983, NBI is dedicated to providing you with practical, skill-based CLE seminars and online CLE courses that you can apply to your daily […]

Will Your Estate Plan Work The Way It Should?

Although estate planning documents may be signed, the estate planning process is not complete until asset titles are changed so that they can be controlled by those documents. The act of retitling assets is called funding. So, when the estate planning attorney or your financial advisor speaks of funding your trust, for example, he or […]

Our Newsletter: January 2018

Important Estate Tax Law Changes For years there has been talk about doing away with the Federal estate tax. The tax bill, passed in the closing days of 2017, partially achieved that goal for most American taxpayers. The new law increases the amount that a single person can pass during life or at death to […]

Our Newsletter: December 2017

Selling Your Business You’re selling your business. What should you watch out for? As our population ages, more and more business owners are looking to sell their business. Some want to cash out and retire. Others want to bring in employees as owners and stay involved in the business. And others would like to transfer […]

Our Newsletter: November 2017

How to Plan for Minor Children – Part 2 Parents & Grandparents: A Trust May Be the Best Option for Asset Distribution Last month we looked at guardianship, the first of two issues that affect planning for minor children. This month we will look at some ideas for leaving money to minor children. We start […]

Our Newsletter: October 2017

How to Prepare Your Estate Plan to Protect Your Minor Children As a parent, planning and caring for the well-being of our children takes priority over most things in life. Without question, we want to be sure should anything happen to us, our minor children will be well looked after and that money or property […]

Our Newsletter: September 2017

Why You Need to Protect Your Digital Assets When you think of estate planning you probably think of your home, cars, investments, real estate, personal possessions, bank accounts, and so on. For the most part, tangible items you can touch and hold. But what about your digital assets? Digital assets include: Online accounts Images, videos, […]

Our Newsletter: August 2017

Who Should I Choose As Trustees of My Trust We often are asked for advice regarding choice of trustees. Of course every situation is different, but here are some points to consider. You can select an individual as a Trustee, such as a close friend or family member; or a professional can be selected, such […]

Our Newsletter: July 2017

Avoiding Family Disputes Over Personal Property It is quite often the personal property that causes the most heartache and disruption in families after a death. Money doesn’t usually have any sentimental attachment, but personal property can have a perceived value far beyond its actual monetary worth. For example, there may be souvenirs from family vacations, […]