Our Newsletter: July 2017

Avoiding Family Disputes Over Personal Property It is quite often the personal property that causes the most heartache and disruption in families after a death. Money doesn’t usually have any sentimental attachment, but personal property can have a perceived value far beyond its actual monetary worth. For example, there may be souvenirs from family vacations, […]

Our Newsletter: June 2017

Why Would I Need a Buy-Sell Agreement Many of our clients are business owners. Although these businesses tend to be successful, we have found that many of the owners do not have clearly defined succession plans. This month, we will look at one of the best ways to outline a succession plan, especially when partners […]

Our Newsletter: May 2017

Medicare. Medicaid. Part D. Supplemental Insurance What You Don’t Know Medicare. Medicaid. Part D. Supplemental Insurance. These are important products to many Americans, but most of us don’t really know much about them. If you or a loved one is facing skilled nursing care (i.e., “nursing home care”) the details are especially important. Medicare is […]